March 20, 2016


Freelance overspill design

While a logo is the element that holds a brand together and makes it recognisable, brands aren’t just logos alone. When creating a brand identity, we don’t just look at the separate elements. We make sure we always work with the whole picture and how all the elements work together so that the message has a bigger meaning.

Plan and research first:
Before starting on a brand identity, we look at a strategy. We ask key questions about the brand we want to create.

Who is your target audience? So the age groups, genders etc. What will keep your customers coming back for more? What will set your brand apart from others? What is your competition doing that works? We look at the colours, fonts and visual design used by rivals, and then design something unique so the client stands out.

We aim to understand the personality of the client. We find out who the client is and what they are about, we look at the intended target market and how the client wants to be perceived.

Write a detailed brief:
We draw up a clear brief from a strategy so that it ensures we can explain our design decisions. If you don’t have a thorough briefing for the brand, then everyone will end up relying too much on an intuitive idea.

Ask the client:
The client knows the product better than we ever will. We don’t want to misunderstand the client’s expectations and what’s best for the brand.

Don’t go crazy:
Understanding any clients’ needs is the first step to creating a great identity. Limit the colours, details and fonts, a simple identity will be timeless and work with the client’s changing requirements.

We also look at straplines, brand Positioning, logo artwork and the whole identity package. The logo is just just the tip of the iceberg throughout the business; the tagline expresses an important point of your value proposition, and the visual style and copy tone are all significant to your values and brand personality.

You can find some of our portfolio here – get in touch for more samples of our branding.

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