April 2, 2019


Website mistakes

It's a well known concept amongst designers that the bigger the logo the smaller someone can appear. Many clients will ask for the logo to be bigger and bigger but this is a common mistake.

A bigger logo can say you're loud and shouting. It can ask the question - are you client centred? Are you interested in showing off the logo or are you interested in answering questions about how you can help someone?

So why are so many web clients interested in having a bigger logo while agencies and designers fight to keep logos smaller?

There are many reasons clients might believe logos should be bigger. Firstly they may think the logo details will be lost when small. If that's the case then they don't have a great logo. One of the first rules of logo design is that it should work at any size. If you can’t make your logo small than you may want to consider designing a new one.

Clients think it helps people remember them, but if people visit a website and all you want them to remember is a logo in the corner than you are not branding yourself correctly. People should remember your brand, not your logo. Done correctly, people will remember elements like your credibility and professionalism.

So when you build a website you need to ask yourself is your logo taking up a lot of space? Or is it more understated? Don't get caught up in trends or what you think looks good but keep in mind a website that is effective in addition to looking fabulous.

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